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Is Your Dog Possessed by Satan?

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Give me a bone...

or give me your


1. Your dog barks or growls at religious ministers.


2. When the two of you walk by a cemetery, the animal tries to desecrate the dead – by urinating against a headstone.


3. If you hold a crucifix or Bible in front of your pooch, it snarls, lunges or recoils in fear.


4. Your dog often appears to be listening to secret voices or sounds that you can’t hear. “He may be receiving his marching orders from his true master, Satan,”


5. The canine reacts excitedly to images of death, evil and Satan.


6. The dog attempts to bite or attack innocent children.

Does your dog growl at the sight of a clerical collar? Or gleefully “do its business” on hallowed ground? If so, watch out – your beloved pet maybe possessed!That is the chilling warning of Father Brett Rollins, a leading expert in demonic possession. Here are some warning signs by Father Rollins. Careful doggy...