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Alex Yanes: Elephants

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Alex Yanes was born in Miami , July 20th 1977. His art is characterized by the romanticism and sublimeness of its color, content, and the deliberate precision of its form and lines. It is the duality between the conceptual and the graphical that makes his art both inspiring and accessible. Yanes' art serves as a metaphor for the conflict between reason and imagination and the divided nature of the human spirit.


Along with vivid colors, he uses bold outlines to define his intricate figures. His most recent works are mixed media, three dimensional images. This process consists of drawing then cutting the image out of panels using power tools. Once they are cut, the individual pieces of the puzzle are sanded and painted using a mixture of acrylic , spray enamel and epoxy resin. Finally , the pieces are attached in multiple layers, revealing a multi-dimensional experience. Yanes is represented by Michael Margulies.

Elephant in the Room