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Jimmie Martin Ltd

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The chairs that Jimmie Martin Ltd. designs are surely part of the Slow Home movement – it basically “benefits the planet without sacrificing quality of life” – and display a cool and urban print combined with sophisticated shapes. The creativity of the designers also leaves room for their client’s own visions: “All pieces are individually finished off to either the customer’s personal taste, or to the ideas of the founders, Jimmie and Martin.”


Take a look at each of the chairs – they all have something amazing to show off, whether it’s words, colours or dog illustrations. They play with different colours and symbols, like the Union Jack inspired upholstery, the neon green sausage dog upholstery or the classy commisioned chairs with words written on their earth-coloured upholstery. The colourful designs can bright up the atmosphere in an urban apartment or even give a sophisticated artistic vibe in a club. We found them on ChairBlog and it’s up to you and the interior designers to place the right chair in the right setting – and trust me, there are a lot of designs to choose from.

Jimmie Martin Ltd - Chairs