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Gabrielle Bakker's take on Picasso

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Gabrielle Bakker gathers in a mélange of historical styles and subject matters, each clearly and easily recognizable, but she manages to integrate and own them beautifully. There's some classical mythology and overt references to Picasso (an avid interpreter of greek myths himself) plus 18th and 19th century Japanese imagery, which had such tremendous influence upon the post-impressionists (and others). Her painting and composition have a beautifully crafted, almost sculpted feel that reminds me of the art deco painter Tamara de Lempicka. All of this collecting of historical references plays well into questions regarding their role in contemporary painting, and the validity of representation and traditional media. I think she makes a tremendous argument in favor of building upon the past, not merely breaking from it in search of the new, a tendency that has led to an almost maniacal fracturing in the arts over the last 60 years or so. Tradition and innovation are still viable partners as this talented artist aptly demonstrates.Check out her website:

"Geisha Icon"  oil and 22k gold leaf on panel  13.3" x 12"  2009


Gabrielle Bakker's work is a fusion of an eastern style mixed with Picasso's iconic form of modernism.

"Studio"  oil on panel  60" x 52.5"  2005

Begging Minotaur 2010 - Oil and 22k Gold Leaf on Panel - 25"x25"