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The Batman Snuggie

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Get your Batman Snuggie here! Now you can fight crime (or relax on the couch) dressed like the Caped Crusader himself! With the Batman Snuggie, you can enjoy relaxing on the couch while still having the use of your arms thanks to the ingenious sleeved blanket design that snuggie has created. With the Batman Snuggie, you have the freedom to eat, drink, use the computer, change the channel, play games with the kids, cook, clean, etc., all while maintaining the warmth, comfort, and convenience that you couldn't have with a regular blanket. The Batman Snuggie makes a great Christmas or birthday gift, and also makes a great Halloween costume. Purchase your Batman Snuggie today and start referring to your living room as...the bat cave.

Batman Snuggie? Really?

Notice he's sitting by himself with no girlfriend. lol. Read the product  details below.

Via: Squidoo