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 is a Korean artist who uses old, recycled tire scraps to make these amazing animal sculptures. ‘Mutant mythos’ is the name of the collection. Love his creative choice of medium. Yonh Ho Ji uses this material because of its flexibility and its close approximation to skin and muscles. It almost look like they are made out of liquorice. The choice of medium itself poses questions about the values of modern society, the car industry and its constant production of new tires which can be seen as a symbol of consumerism. And the title for his mutant series leads the thoughts back to Charles Darwin’s ‘origin of species’ emphasizing the need for living things to adapt in order to survive. His somewhat scary looking sculptures take the shape of sharks, wolves, spiders, deers and buffalos. He is represented by 33 Bond gallery in NYC.

Yong Ho Ji

Tire Art: Korean artist uses tires to create animals