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Nearly all of the Australian Unidentified Flying Object documents have disappeared

A few months ago, an Australian newspaper business sent in a Freedom of Information Act request to view the country's government files on UFOs. The Australian Department of Defense responded that almost all its files on the topic had vanished, stirring discussion of conspiracy. Article resource -Nearly all Australian UFO files have gone missing by Newsytype.com.


All UFO documents are gone

A journalistic inquiry into the Australian government's public documents dealing with unidentified flying objects has resulted in the discovery that every file accept one has gone missing. A Fairfax newspaper, Sydney Morning Herald, states that Fairfax Media submitted an FOIA application for all documents linked to UFO experiences to the Australian Department of Defense. Fairfax is the owner of many newspapers and magazines in New Zealand and the U.S. UFOs in the land down under are tracked by the Royal Australian Air Force. However, the RAAF could only locate one complete file; it was from the 1950s.


It is a mystery

There was a file that was still left. It was called "Report on UFOs/Strange Occurrences and Phenomenon in Woomera." According to MSNBC, Woomera is used for weapons testing range. It is very remote. There are some small towns in the nearby vicinity. In 2000, the Australian Defense Force no longer accepted reports on UFOs. This was because they were considered a waste. The RAAF stopped investigation of UFO sightings in 1996. Sometimes the Australian government destroys records as part of "housekeeping" efforts. The UFO files were not a part of this, according to the Telegraph. Bill Chalker wrote a book about Australian UFO sightings. He said that to conserve space, eight years of UFO documents were ruined in 2003. Conspiracy theorists are abuzz concerning the news.