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Herradura Art Program - Kiki Valdes - #artherradura

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Leveraging its long established art platform in Mexico, Tequila Herradura will be sharing their history, heritage and passion for crafting quality tequila with art aficionados nationwide through the Herradura Barrel Art Program.

For our Tequila, the oak barrel is the final stage in our creative process, the aging period where each handcrafted batch develops its individual character. For 80 professional and emerging artists, these same barrels will serve as departure point for the creation of a unique work of art.

We know how to craft great tequila—the finest in the world. We have selected great artists to make great art. We understand that to create something interesting you need freedom, so we only made one rule: the artists have to use the barrel. How they use it is entirely up to them

"Amigos de Herradura
2013 - (Oil paint on tequila barrel)
For me it was important to display the wonderful and original shape of the barrel. I challenged myself into making a 365 degree angle painting on the surface. By doing this, there is no front and no back to the art piece. The painting and imagery is a testament of where I am at as an artist. In the same way I did not take apart the barrel, I did not chip away at the direction of my work. The barrel and the art are united as one without compromising each other. There is a long history of how the tequila is made, there is a history to my life and how I make my work. This is truly what my art barrel is about. I wanted to show enjoyment and togetherness with the abstract figures and colors, just as Herradura and I are coming together with support and friendship
All photos are works in progress. The finished piece will be presented on Nov. 12th in South Beach. 

KIKI VALDES - Limited Edition Shirt - Sale ends June 18th

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 Hey Friends, 
This is my first T-Shirt. I wanted to have fun and share something with all of you. The drawing on the shirt is a character that I use as a starting point for many of my recent paintings. These will be available for a very limited time so act now and get one today. Colors of shirts are Black and Royal Blue. Female fitted tees are also available. 
Thanks for the support.
Kiki Valdes

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Saturday - The Valdeziacs

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K I K I   V A L D E S 

Opening Reception: Saturday April 27th 7-10pm
101 Exhibit - 101 NE 40th Street. Miami FL. 33137 - 305.972.8962 

T H E   V A L D E Z I A C S 
APR 27 - MAY 10 
Presented by: 
Michael Margulies
Artist Agency 





"Family Heirloom" (Oil on canvas) 2013 

Aban Sonia - Check out her jacket!

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The Valdeziacs opening April 27th

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Kiki Valdes is an artist who likes to hurt a canvas before making love to it. In his attention-grabbing, expressionistic paintings, Valdes explores the tension between the figurative and abstract. He traffics in the weird and whimsical, creating absurdist narratives using cartoon masks and oddly bulging faces that lure viewers into a landscape that seems strangely familiar. Typically Valdes paints his surfaces with bold, colorful backgrounds, then cuts shapes from canvas he later applies to his paintings to create layered and textured collages. He culls inspiration from pop cultural neurosis, combining childhood reveries, quantum physics, American secret societies, string theory, and loopy Disney and Nickelodeon characters to create images that both provoke delight and anxiety. Saturday from 7 to 10 p.m., the inventive talent, who is repped by the Michael Margulies Artist Agency, is opening "The Valdeziacs" at 101 Exhibit (101 NE 40th St., Miami), his new suite of works in which the funny battles constantly with the fantastical. 

By Carlos Suarez de Jesus
T H E 
V A L D E Z I A C S 
KIKI VALDES - The Rabbit Hole (Oil on canvas) 2013 
The Valdeziacs - Solo Exhibition 
Opening Reception: Saturday April 27th 2013 
7pm - 10pm 101 Exhibit - 101 NE 40th StreetMiami, FL 33137