New York City artist and co-founder of Ownzee

Ownzee Article in Business Insider

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We get a write up in Business Insider. Word?

Tumblrprovided a simple way to make pretty blogs. seeks to go one step further in design-based blogging, the artist/company co-founder Kiki Valdes told us over the phone on Wednesday afternoon.


Better yet, Valdes and his co-founder brother are finding some success in turning a site that facilitates easy, beautiful blogging into a real business.


After the pair's initial idea,, proved to be too much effort with little monetary return, they launched the new venture.


For $5 per month or $45 per year people can use the site to simply and easily build blog posts, which can be posted on or sent to a personal blog. Users can upload and scale photos, chose from over 20 fonts, move around content, and more to create virtually whatever they can imagine.

This "Design-Based Blogging" Tool

Is A Meme-Maker On Steroids




Blogging on Ownzee...

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People ask me all the time what's the difference between Ownzee (which I co-created) and other blogging platform sites out there. So, to not mix up the bullshit I decided to give a pretty clear example.

This is you using Ownzee.

This is you using the other blog sites.

- Kiki Valdes



Kiki Valdes with PALO! Recap

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Kiki Valdes/Palo! at S.O.B.'s Recap:

It was a great time getting to paint to the sounds of the band PALO!. When I got word that my friends were gonna be in NYC from Miami playing at the legenary S.O.B.'s I couldn't resist and get involved somehow. I've done about 4 or 5 shows with PALO! since 2002. So, when we get together it is a great treat and a rare and special event.


PALO! overall has matured so much as a unit. I was blown away by everyone in the band and how they come together and make true music come alive. I am thankful that the painting I did that night sold within the first 20 minutes that I started painting.

Check out the video, it was actually shot with iphone footage. Not bad. Thank you to all my good friends that came out. You know who you are. I love you.


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Live action painting with the sounds of PALO!
















204 Varick Street
New York, NY
7:30 - 11pm

For more info: Palo! vs. Kiki Valdes

Kiki Valdes - Sin Gin - Drawing 2011

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"Sin Gin" 2011


Kiki Valdes - Some Cartoon Expressionism or something.

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Kiki Valdes - "The Cloud" 2007

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Kiki Valdes - "The Cloud" 2007. Oil on canvas/  I recently gave this as a gift to fellas at Primary Fight/Gallery.

Mandy Palacio - My Coach, Your Coach

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life coach for the creatives

Mandy Palacio's site is here:
























 I wanted to take a moment and tell you guys about my good friend Mandy Palacio. I met Mandy New Years Eve at my friend’s apartment in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. We sort of connected instantly and as it turned out she must moved to New York as well by way of Stockholm, Sweden. As anyone can understand moving to New York can be hard to make friends and at the same time it can be difficult to realize your goals. Mandy is a coach and she helped me ease my warrior ways and take things more like an Tibetan monk.


She is the founder of MBody Coaching and she helps people that want to help themselves. She offers one-on-one professional coaching for people who want to make changes in a topic that is deeply important to them, business, how to be more happy, other life goals etc. One thing that is really great is her focus on the creative. She has helped big business executives in the past but her desire is to coach creative people. To learn more about her Life Coaching practice, make sure to visit her site.

Kiki Valdes - Developments

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Current developments:

I'm painting mostly black and white portraits still. I'm doing that and bouncing over to more cartoon inspired imagery...but making sure the paint is really heavy and thick. The painting below is a  portrait titled "Indra Vanslow." 

kiki valdes

Kiki Valdes - "Winter Simbo" Drawing

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"Winter Simbo" (ink and marker on paper) 2011