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Kiki Valdes - The Miami Studio

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This was taken around the middle of 2010. Many, many small paintings.

Charlie Sheen's my brother.

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My brother is

The other day I was at the supermarket with my brother...Then when we reached the checkout line, I realized something. My brother kind of reminds me of someone...then it dawned on me...


Hurricane Erosion Hoop Dream

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Photo by David UpnUp.

This is a detail of a piece titled "Hurricane, Erosion Hoop Dream." 2010

To view the photos: UpnUP Daily

Brian Wong:

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What can I say about my buddy Brian Wong? I met him last year in Medellin, Colombia for TagMe. It was a social media gathering to talk to and share with 600 young Colombians about the whole inter-webs thing. At the time Brian was doing business development for Digg. How things have changed since then! He's now kick starting his own gaming meets advertisers’ app called Kiip.


Kiip still hasn't launched yet but it should be exciting. He's got a lot of people behind him, on top of that he's at the tender young age of 19! He's usually jet setting across the globe giving talks and giving his input on mobile apps and the like. He is also a really great speaker. 4 months ago he gave a panel talk here in New York. He was late to the meeting...good thing he showed up. I was dozing off and once he got there he really lit up the room. He's the kind of guy you want to be friends with and you really want to believe in his product. Go sign up to Kiip.right now! Remember his name, because you will hear more of him very soon.





Artist friend - Andrew Birk

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Andrew Birk was one of the first painters I met in New York when I moved up in Oct of 2010. We met in person for the first time at one of the last exhibits at the former space of the HOLE gallery. He has been cool ever since. He was telling me about his work for some time now. I love visiting studios but he made me wait. Turns out Mr. Birk was upgrading studio spaces and was going to plan a party to invite everyone at once. That sounds like a great idea to me. His studio is in the deep bloody heart of Bushwick, Brooklyn. I couldn’t find the address at 10pm at night. The streets were valcant and luckily for me I ran into a group of about 10 other people that were trying to find the studio as well.  


After walking for about 2 blocks we found it. We walked up a few flights of steps and we were there. The studio was already packed with friends, artists and collectors. He was in the thick of it talking to everyone. I was happy to see his work in person. It’s very aggressive, which I like. It plays off of words and random clipped imagery. Most of the paintings are done with spray paint. They have a dirty feel to them.

I totally dig the thrash/punk counter-culture vibe I get from them. I asked him if he likes Christopher Wool. He said yes, but again of course he does. You can see it in his work, but its not overbearing in anyway. It was a good time, good vibes and good music. I got to meet a lot of new people. Keep your eye out for Andrew when you’re in the New York area. He’s an artist’s artist, a good friend and something exciting to look out for.

Andrew Birk and I...I was about to head back home after a good night of being social and plenty of drinks.

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I Met Kembra Pfahler

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Kembra Pfahler

Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black

Ever since I moved to the NY area I've heard more and more about Kembra Pfahler. She is a performance artist, glam cult rock musican and actress. I got to meet her last week and it was quite interesting. She's very funny and striking. The more I saw of her the more I wasn't sure if I was a little disturbed or fasinated. She's most famous for her band Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black. Her and her bandmates are painted bright colors and in the nude! They also sport huge wigs and there is some blackmetal/satanic imagery from what I've seen of their stage shows. But, again what the hell does that mean anyway.  It's a sight to be seen. I was supposed to go to one of her shows on Halloween but I missed it. I will be sure to see it next time.

I thought this was pretty cool. Watch as Kembra Pfahler directs her Florence ballet dancers for last-minute auditions in the gardens, witness Haim Steinbachs precision as he constructs an installation of Proenza Schouler accessories in the foyer, and walk with Art Production Funds Yvonne Force Villareal as she places Kalup Linzys photographs against the villas façade.



Vivianne Lapointe and

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Vivianne Lapointe


My blog has pretty much become about people I know, creative types that do what they love. Vivianne is another one of the people I know and try to support however I can. I met her in Miami at the Museum of Contemporary Art. Since then…she’s bounced around from Miami to New York. She now lives in Los Angeles wrecking havoc. She contacted me a few months ago and told me about her new magazine site,


It's updated often with the latest in Fashion, Art, Sex and Music...among other lifestyle requirements. It’s really dope and I love the layout of it. Kudos to her and getting it off the ground. Check it out and I’m sure you will book mark it as I have. 

Eclectic, edgy, visually stunning and easy to read, LIVE FAST (spell out Fashion, Art, Sex and Travel) is a new independent cultural magazine and inspiration board delivering striking fashion editorials and racy chic style profiles, interviews with up & coming and established artists, a straight up (yet classy) conversation about sex and beautifully illustrated travel stories.


Ty Hodges film Miles from Home internet release

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I'm really happy for my childhood friend Ty Hodges for taking this Hollywood thing to the next level. He made this film "Miles from Home" nearly 6 years ago. Thanks to the internet him and his crew are able to not wait for distribution deals but can grab the bull by the horns. I am sure the right people will notice. But something tells me  he's been on a few peoples radar as of late. I saw the film at the African American film festival along with Ty and Megan in 2006. The content is very strong and serious, it's a pretty deep film. At the same time it’s very bitter sweet and the plot has twists and turns. Below is more info about the film release.  

FEATURE FILM - "Miles From Home" NOW available for STREAMING!!!!! After long days and nights of work to get the streaming rental portion of the website up and running we are NOW LIVE!!!!! This really is a monumental occasion and achievement. With no financial backing we have managed to create our own distribution outlet. All the technical jargon aside you can now watch the film at Miles From Home. Click on the WATCH NOW tab. Once you purchase the rental follow the instructions that will be sent to the email you register…LOG IN and watch away. I would also love to hear your feedback as to the film content and website experience. Thank you for your continued support of the independent film movement.


Cat Dove, artist.

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With a beautiful name like Cat Dove you would expect a girl who is interested in equally beautiful things. But the Miami artist is more into fusing the nice with the not so nice: "I think all my work has elements of the serenely beautiful and the insanely ugly, which I first observed growing up here," Dove says. Influenced by her environment and own psyche, Dove's work is expressed through photos, collage, and performance art. Since moving back from London, where she studied at the University of the Arts, her work has begun to incorporate all three mediums.

Miami itself is a significant factor in Dove's work. The artist finds that the binary between ugly and beautiful is representative of the city's aesthetic. Dove's dumpster collaboration, The General, conveys her infatuation with just that. Partnering with Kyle Chapman, the two artists used epoxy and a variety of fabrics to transform one of Miami's finest dumpsters into a structure containing more navy blue fringe than most fabric stores.


Keep reading (Miami New Times)

Check out my friend and emerging artist from Miami starting to create more visablity down in the dirty dirty.

Japan needs you, Donate Today

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Okay, I understand how busy our lives can be and easily forget about what's happening in Japan. Let’s face it, it's easier to avoid the world tragedy then confront it. But honestly we need to snap out of it, take a minute and donate a minimum of $10 to the Red Crosses humanitarian effort to help the Japanese people in crisis. Think about the children and all the beautiful people facing such sad circumstances. Stand up by pulling out your credit card and make a donation, if that’s not enough get more involved. Do something, now! They need us. A little effort can create a big effort. Donate here,