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The Star - Kiki Valdes

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Indian Movie Posters - Amazing

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My friend Kayleigh loves Indian movie posters, the vintage Mumbai movie posters and the present low-budget Kannada movie posters are a fascinating contrast to her. She has been picking up these pieces from Mumbai and Bangalore, India.


A few weeks ago I went over to her place after she returned from India and she showed all of these to me. It was amazing and I had no idea how beautiful these could actually be in person. She nice enough to gave me one as a gift, but I am one of the lucky few. But, there's good news; she is selling them!


Please enjoy! If you would like to learn more on how to get your own make sure to contact her! Be sure to check out Kayleigh's article on Felt&Wire

Matisse never gets old.

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Me, Kiki Valdes - Photo by David UpnUp

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Jackets with some life.

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Saw these jackets, thought they were pretty cool. I should paint some of my own? I was rocking the North Face jacket all winter long. Even though I loved it. It really did keep me warm. I need a little diversity in my wear and tare though. I started to feel like a cross country trucker always with teh same jacket. I believe next winter I will seriously invest in some far out warm wear, without a doubt. Now, I'm not sure I could actually wear these funky things. I just know I'll be ready next fall stylisticly. With that said, I seriously could use some shorts. I can't wait for summer.


War Talk

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Dominique Young Unique - Hottest new female rapper hitting the scene.

Cabaret Du Neant - Paris, Montmartre.

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Men's Magazine Adventure, Pulp books.

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men's adventure magazine, the book. great.

Men's Adventure Magazine is a book that was put out by Taschen. It's really interesting and has all these illustrations in these crazy pulp books. Most of them dealing with sex and far away places during war time. I highly recommend this book to anyone that's into vintage illustation. Go out to your nearest book store and pick it up today. It's a real treat.

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Minor Threat on my mind..

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We're not the first, I hope we're not the last
'Cause I know we're all heading for that adult crash
The times is so little, the time belongs to us
Why is everybody in such a fucking rush?

Make do with what you have
Take what you can get
Pay no mind to us
We're just a minor threat

We're just a minor threat

Early to finish, I was late to start
I might be an adult, but I'm a minor at heart
Go to college, be a man, what's the fucking deal?
It's not how old I am, it's how old I feel

Take your time
Try not to forget
We never will
We're just a minor threat
We're just a minor threat


I am a Night Owl

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I don't get enough sleep...and now with this website...I might refer to it as Owlzee...because I'm gonna be on this thing for a long time. It's alot of fun. Maybe this will end up being an all nighter.