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Kiki Valdes New Painting

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"Rivals"  Oil on Panel 2011

We Love Jim Hunter

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Pray for our dearest friend and brother Jim Hunter. He has been diagnosed with cancer. He was so supportive to all young artists at new world school of the arts in miami. He will never completely know how much he means  to us and our big family of pigeons.



The FUN'S INSIDE: A Film Portrait of Kenny Scharf

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Please support my friend Malia and her film partner Nathan in making a film on the legendary downtown New York artist Kenny Scharf. They are looking for people like you to help fund this amazing film. They are very close to reaching their mark but really need a final push to make it happen. When you help you also get awesome incentives like one of a kind art collectables and other fun goodies. Their project is up on Kickstarter and check out some footage below.

Help my friends reach their goal of $15,000. They are so close! For more information on this project visit: KickStarter

Messin' with Family at the Gansevoort Hotel

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Ha, I totally forgot about this. This was last summer and my cousin just uploaded these on Facebook. My cousins were on vacation in Miami Beach and me and some other relatives came by to hang out. Once both of my female cousins fell asleep, me and the boys had to take advantage. First we slowly started putting food around them and then we took this epic money shot. Fun times. Makes me look forward to the summer.

The MAD Magazine Office Visit!

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My good friend Jessica is someone I’ve known since highschool. We graduated in the same class, etc. She contacted me the other day about her visit with to the Mad Magazine Offices! See, what you don’t know about Jessica is…her grandfather was one of the legendary Usual Gang of Idiots! Yes, her grandfather is Antonio Prohías. Who was most famous for creating Spy vs Spy. She said she will invite me next time she goes to the offices. I am looking forward to it. But, till then you can enjoy these photos as much as I have. Seeing these made it totally nostalgic for me. I still have a bunch of Mad Magazines in my closet. There are a few things that will always have a close place to my heart, and Mad is one of them. I’m sure thousands feel the same way I do.


Wow, the lobby. How cool is that?

What Me Worry?

I love Jack Davis. One of my favorites.

Talk about collectiable heaven.

This is so dope. Black Spy Headquarters!!

John Richardson's jackets

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Tonight was a big night. It was the opening of the new Picasso exhibit at Gagosian,Picasso and Marie-Thérèse L’amour fou. The line was down the block and most people that came had to wait for at least 45 minutes. I lied to the door people and tried to tell them I was Manolo Valdes's grandson. Who happens to be one of the most imporant painters from Spain.


Anyway, once inside it was filled with Picasso's that are dismissed by the museum establishment. Well this show looked like a damn museum. I saw Picasso's friend John Richardson, who is a legend Biographer/Curator of the exhibit who continues to produce the book series “Life of Picasso.” He stopped me, reached out his hand, I shook it.  He smiled and told me how much he liked my jacket. I was stunned. As you can see we enjoy the same type of jackets. It was a pleasant experience. I started getting into a nice conversation with someone from the National Gallery of London and then everybody started getting kicked out. Picasso wins again from the grave, via John Richardson and Larry Gagosian.

Prometheus Springs at my studio.

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The guys from Prometheus Springs stopped by the studio and let me try the newest flavors that are about to hit the organic food market. Doug Atkins of marketing made sure I got to try every new flavor which includes Lemon Ginger, Spicy Pear and a few others. The drinks are spicy and great to drink warm if you’re sick with the flu. If you’re into spicy drinks and food this is for you.


There’s something pretty addictive about it. Shout out to Doug and to P.S. Founder  Alexis Van Ess Mincolla. Many thanks for looking out for me with the wonderful supply of spice.

Prometheus Springs

stops by my New Jerusalem studio!

Chinese Police Detain Artist, Activist Ai Weiwei

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Boycott China: Let ai weiwei go!

The Chinese government hasn't really been too excited with what artist/activist Ai Weiwei has been doing for a while.  They have been watching him and this was just bound to happen. His art and activism has been critical of China. He has now been detained and nobody knows where he is or how to contact him. This is totally disgusting. Don't trust China. It does not respect basic human rights and there is no free expression. Don't buy anything from them. They have crappy products anyway. We need more jobs here  at home. We need artists in the world that have soft power. They should have a voice. Please stand with Ai Weiweni and don't support anything made by this communist piece of shit country. 


Please look up more info from the media and get involved somehow. They can't scare the young artists in China. The will in saying what you want or express it can never be surpressed.




Fight for your Right - Revisited?

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Who are the real


The Beasties are putting out a new album this May. Along with it fans get an extra treat. There will be a star stunned short film. The trailer is below and it seems pretty funny. Who are the real Beastie Boys?

fight for your right -


Kiki Valdes: Ruinart painting

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