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Kiki Valdes / 2019

Posted 2019-08-27 19:14:25 | Views: 1,098
  "Satan tempts Jesus in the Wilderness"
   Oil on canvas (2019)
This painting was extremely difficult to finish. Forces unknown would distract me, things would push me away from the studio. This has never happened to me in this amount of time in over 20 years of painting. The painting itself was not a challenge. I was just constantly distracted. Some people do not like this series. I have lost over 800 followers on Instagram as a result of moving in this direction. Not that I care. Last year I thought I died, I felt empty. My life changed and was restored. There's an evil in this world that is not of this physical realm. It can eat you alive. There's a power greater, it's a love so strong. The powers of the world like to hide it and distract you with things that don't matter. It's meant to chip away at your soul. Love leads the way thru the desert, the storms and all of the useless distractions.

The Trail

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