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Andy Warhol Interviews Alfred Hitchcock

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Warhol Interviews



This conversation that appeared in Interview Magazine in September 1974 doesn’t offer any great insights into filmmaking, but for what it lacks in informativeness it makes up for in novelty.

The meeting of these two icons of the 20th century is particularly significant, as each bridged high art and popular culture in unique intriguing ways. While on the surface it may seem like a odd pairing, they both share many things in common. Warhol and Hitchcock both started out as illustrators. Warhol had started his career working as a commercial illustrator, Hitchcock had started out creating illustrations for title cards in silent movies. Of course Andy and Alfred were also both film directors.

Andy Warhol: Since you know all these cases, did you ever figure out why people really murder? It’s always bothered me. Why.


Alfred Hitchcock: Well I’ll tell you. Years ago, it was economic, really. Especially in England. First of all, divorce was very hard to get, and it cost a lot of money.


Andy Warhol: But what kind of person really murders? I mean, why.


Alfred Hitchcock: In desperation. They do it in desperation.


Andy Warhol: Really?….




Alfred Hitchcock: Absolute desperation. They have nowhere to go, there were no motels in those days, and they’d have to go behind the bushes in the park. And in desperation they would murder.


 Andy Warhol: What about a mass murderer.



 Alfred Hitchcock: Well, they are psychotics, you see. They’re absolutely psychotic. They’re very often impotent. As I showed in “Frenzy.” The man was completely impotent until he murdered and that’s how he got his kicks. But today of course, with the Age of the Revolver, as one might call it, I think there is more use of guns in the home than there is in the streets. You know? And men lose their heads?


Andy Warhol: Well I was shot by a gun, and it just seems like a movie. I can’t see it as being anything real. The whole thing is still like a movie to me. It happened to me, but it’s like watching TV. If you’re watching TV, it’s the same thing as having it done to yourself.


Alfred Hitchcock: Yes. Yes.




Warhol’s portrait of Alfred Hitchcock represents an incisive homage to the artist’s favorite director.

Heart of Glass. Heather Marks. Shots by Max Abadian

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Heather Marks photographed by Max Abadian in « Heart of Glass » for Dress to Kill

































































Waterfall Couch: Couch That Looks Like a Waterfall

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Waterfall Couch


What a surreal looking couch! This is hot. I would rock this in my Park West high rise condo.

Katy Perry Wearing South Park PJ's

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South Park

Goes Fashion?

Hot or Snot?

When her "Teenage Dream" topped album charts she celebrated with some bubbles and some South Park PJ's in the UK.

Cat Dove, BeerToss

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Whoa, talk about suffering for your art. Young Miami artist Cat Dove is wrapped up in a garbage bag while a gang of art kids throw beer bottles at her. She has done work as a bartender, what a way to bring both worlds together?





Malgosia Bela, Francesco Scognamiglio, Angela Collante and Greg Kadel

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Malgosia Bela wearing Francesco Scognamiglio, styled by Angela Alvarez and Angela Collante, shot by Greg Kadel.




















































































Doutzen Kroes. Photos by Alex Cayley for Elle France

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Doutzen Kroes is a natural beauty for the September 17th issue of weekly Elle France. Lensed by Alex Cayley and styled by Michele Beaurenaul, Doutzen leaves little to the imagination in the enchanting beauty spread.


Doutzen Kroes for Elle France September 2010 by Alex Cayley

Richard Burbridge (I-D Magazine)

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Photo by:


for i-D Magazine, September 2004

Flicks by Emily Chancellor

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Flicks by Emily Chancellor

I think these are pretty sexy and sweet. Lounging pictures are the best in my opinion. Lazy days!

Commercial Music is Dead

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