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Valissa Yoe: New York Stylist

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Valissa Yoe

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Valissa Yoe prides herself in being a true renaissance woman. Raised in Westchester, the Big Apple was only a train ride away. Valissa moved to the city to attend FIT for Fashion Design. Right out of school she began working as a designer for KAI MILLA (Stevie Wonder’s wife).


Valissa Yoe became a New York personality in great demand as an innovative powerhouse in the creative image market as a fashion stylist and makeup artist for clients such as MTV, Comedy Central, Vera Wang, Google, Sony Music, Donald Trump, Miss USA, Ethan Hawke, Tyson Beckford, and Oprah to name a few. Her work has her traveling from New York to London, Paris and Rome. Valissa Yoe is known for her stunning red coif with the appeal of Jessica Rabbit and the expression of Patricia Field. Valissa takes inspiration from the late and great McQueen, Chanel, Leigh Bowery and Warhol.

New York Stylist and more.

Brandon Witzel's Photos

Posted 2011-08-01 11:57:22 | Views: 16,173

Brandon Witzel: Photos

I was checking out some of Brandon's work and saw these photos and I just wanted to share. Pretty ladies and I enjoy the composition. Enjoy and check out his workhere.

Sandy Smith - Computer Installation

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This is crazy cool. Sandy Smith made this installation of all these different computer model types to make this installation room. The piece is titled Mauritian Sunset and it was shown in 2006. Can you only imagine dealing with all of those cords? Bravo!


Artur Olecki in Fiasco # 12

Posted 2011-07-27 15:42:31 | Views: 11,953

In Artur Olecki's second editorial for Fiasco's 12th issue, he wears a hodgepodge of patterns, prints, colors and textures and encapsulates the issue's theme: Colors of Summer. The expert styling was done by Max Souffraiu while the shots were taken by Iakovos Kalaistzakis.

Artur Olecki

in Fiasco Magazine

Cecilia Dean's Look of the Week for V Magazine

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This is Cecilia Dean's look of the week for V Magazine. Dress: Balenciaga Edition. Shoes: Nicholas Kirtwood for Rodarte

Lady Tarin

Posted 2011-07-26 13:46:21 | Views: 17,798

Italian Photographer graduated from the Fine Arts Academy of Bologna, currently lives in Milano.

Lady Tarin has worked with different brands and magazines including:

GQ Dossier
PIG Novembre
Dust Sang Bleu
Lierac I love fake
Vision Le Dictateur - No Soul for Sale - Tate Modern




Lady Tarin's photos are striking. Her subject matter is wonderful and I love looking at it.

Source: Lady Tarin

Ira Chernova

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Ira Chernova

Some cool pictures by Ira, of herself and of her friendds. Cheers.

Via: Flickr

New York City Girls - Joel Meyerwitz

Posted 2011-07-25 06:45:37 | Views: 12,254

  Joel Meyerwitz (American Photographer: born 1938)

This is great, reminds me of the New York I knew when I was a little kid. I'm guessing this is some time in the 80's

Kaytsuyo Aoki

Posted 2011-07-20 19:20:59 | Views: 12,076

Katsuyo Aoki’s delicate porcelain works on display, including Predictive dream IX and Trolldom, combine both decorative patterns and paints of blue and purple baked on parts of the white porcelain, creating a smeared-like appearance. Presented in an entirely stark white room, the sculptural pieces which bear a mixture of traditional ornamentation decorum of symmetry together with fantastical depictions of other-worldly creatures and skulls, draw viewers into an enclosure befitting a religious and mythical experience. Aoki creates these works based on what she terms her “inner shadow” of imagination and fantasies, and strives to convey both a sense of strength and fragility to parallel the nature of human societies anchored on the advance of technology and progress, while remaining fractious and imperfect.

"Predictive dream Ⅸ", 2009, Private collection, Courtesy of Röntogenwerke




Barcode Sweater

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Barcode Sweater. Word!

This is super lovely. Who wouldn't want to be scanned. :-)