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Point Diptych

Posted 2024-06-23 07:42:00 | Views: 292
Point Diptych
Point Diptych

The flesh profiteth nothing

Posted 2024-06-22 07:24:00 | Views: 364
It is the spirit that quickeneth; the flesh profiteth nothing: the words that I speak unto you, they are spirit, and they are life.
-John 6:63

Spidey web

Posted 2024-06-21 09:46:00 | Views: 348
Orb Spider web


Posted 2024-06-20 09:27:00 | Views: 472

Rain drops

Posted 2024-06-19 08:01:00 | Views: 710
Kodak Vision3 250D (5207)

Double Diptych

Posted 2024-06-18 08:04:00 | Views: 689
but not the Pentax 17 kind

Cease from thine own wisdom

Posted 2024-06-17 08:25:00 | Views: 373
Labour not to be rich: cease from thine own wisdom.
-Proverbs 23:4

Are Arbetter's better dogs?

Posted 2024-06-16 08:23:00 | Views: 352
When was the last time you ate a hotdog?

First of the roll

Posted 2024-06-15 09:59:00 | Views: 339
First of the roll

Vintage Bronco

Posted 2024-06-14 09:17:00 | Views: 349
Vintage two door Ford Bronco

A Minor Oopsie

Posted 2024-06-13 10:46:00 | Views: 413

It's just my Minor Mistake
The Internet is an amazing thing.

I first heard of Minor Threat when I was 16. I was in a Specs music store. My girlfriend, Kathy said "Hey, look! They are straight edge!" as she handed me their tape. I wasn't sure what straight edge was but it was exactly what I was.

They were no longer a band but I did get to see the vocalist (Ian MacKaye) new band Fugazi. At the Edge in Ft. Laud.(1993).

Fast forward many many many years and I'm watching an interview on YouTube with Ian MacKaye... And he introduces himself Ian MacKaye and I rewind the video and say out loud 'MacWHAT?!? I've been pronouncing this guys name wrong my whole life!?!'
I've always pronounced his name Ian MacKaye like how the word 'Okay' sounds. Ian 'Mackay'
But it's actually pronounced  like how the K sounds in the word Kayak and the Y in the word eye. Ian Mac-K-EYE!!! 
Someday I'll look back and laugh... HA HA HA!

Spanish Moss way up high

Posted 2024-06-12 09:32:00 | Views: 366
Kodak Ektar 100


Posted 2024-06-11 06:37:00 | Views: 419
A pretty good cheese burger with hash browns on the side from Cowgirl Kitchen. Rosemary Beach, Florida!


Posted 2024-06-10 09:19:00 | Views: 533

Sand Dunes in Immokalee Florida

Posted 2024-06-09 10:17:00 | Views: 514
I think these are man made. It's next to a road intersection (Seminole Crossing Trail X Koowachobee Trail) and a lake in the Immokalee Reservation.
Immokalee Sand Dunes?