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Full Moon December 2022

Posted 2022-12-09 10:47:00 | Views: 23
I have always been drawn to photographing the moon. On my iPhone forget about it. On my Digital Nikons I’ve gotten better shot but it’s not like film. 

Getting a sharp image is very hard if not impossible with my setup. My daughter got me a telescope a few years ago (Celestron Powerseeker 127EQ). It's awesome but shakes alot! Even the lightest touch causes 10 seconds of micro jitters. Its hard to get focused and not cause constant motion blur.

I tried first with my Nikon FM2n but focusing was near impossible. The next night I used my F6 but still the same result. I still love the photo thou, check it out!
Film Moon

Shake it!

Posted 2022-12-08 10:41:00 | Views: 27
Burger and fries
I loved eating this burger and fries, outside on the patio area at Aventura Mall. Shack Shack, Baby! The fresh air and outdoor setting make it taste even better.

Orange and Green and Yellow

Posted 2022-12-07 10:06:00 | Views: 42
Kodak Ektar 100

First Roll: Film Photography Project's Frankenstein 200

Posted 2022-12-06 08:52:00 | Views: 54
This is a very contrast style film. Despite overexposing most shot on purpose, the film's ability to crunch the shadows was impressive. It resulting in beautifully dramatic and moody images. I did notice I could pull out some detail on a DSLR scan but chose not to. SO it's possible I just wanted to make it look this way. :) I shot these on My Nikon FM2n.

The contrasty nature of the film gave a unique look, film noir-like aesthetic, and the dark tones added a sense of mystery and intrigue. Even thou it was a super sunny day. 

Overall, it has a very distinctive look. I don’t think I would use this film again thou. I don’t think I’d be in a situation were I’d want this look even more so in a sunny situation. I enjoyed FPP Wolfman 35 more.
Film Photography Project's
I recently tried out a roll of very dark and contrasty film, Film Photography Project’s Frankenstein 200 on 35mm film.
Developed with Cinestill Monobath B&W developer.
No faces!

Rainforest in Miami

Posted 2022-12-05 09:52:00 | Views: 53
In the early morning light

The tropical trees loomed tall and majestic, their verdant leaves shimmering. A thick mist hung in the air, wrapping the trees in a ghostly embrace. The light from the rising sun peeked through the mist, casting a golden glow over the landscape.

As the mist began to dissipate, the sound of chirping birds filled the air. The sweet, earthy scent of the trees mixed with the dampness of the mist, creating a surreal and peaceful atmosphere.

The ground beneath the trees was soft and spongy, covered in a carpet of fallen leaves and moss. The leaves of the trees rustled gently in the breeze, adding to the gentle symphony of sounds.

Overall, the scene was one of serene beauty, with the tropical trees and mist providing a picturesque and tranquil setting.

MDPD Helicopter

Posted 2022-12-04 08:58:00 | Views: 52
I was in my back yard and heard the whirring of a helicopter. I looked up and saw Miami Dade County Police helicopter flying low in the sky, hovering over my house basically.

I watch the helicopter circled my house, then I ran inside to grabbed my camera. When I got back outside I could almost see the white of the pilot's eyes as I pulled the camera up to my face. He must have seen me because he flew off and nothing ever happened.
Then suddenly, nothing happen.

Side Steps

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Aurora & San Lorenzo - Coral Gables, Florida

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Pond, lake or rain runoff?

Posted 2022-12-01 12:12:00 | Views: 101
Fair Child Tropical Garden water on Kodak Ektar 100 film, Nikon F6.