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Jesus is Lord


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But our God is in the heavens: he hath done whatsoever he hath pleased. -Psalms 115:3

Merry go round

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$200 scanner vs 18 years old DSLR camera

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$200 scanner vs
18 year old DSLR camera
Key takeaways:
1. DSLR scanning is faster if you know how to invert colors, if not stick with Epson and SilverFast.

2. iPhone 13 Pro as a light source is fantastic. It provides a nice consistent white and a great starting point on the color balance. Max out the brightness, turn off 'True Tone' and 'Night shift' in the settings.

3. Nikon ES-2 is fantastic. Almost zero friction to setup and breakdown. Very upgradable, switch out the camera anytime. Very portable too.

4. Affinity Photo is a great Photoshop replacement and it's a one time fee, no subscription!

5. The Epson has more resolution, 3000 x 4250. My old Nikon D70 obviously produced a much smaller image, 2000 x 3000.

6. Which is better? I'll let you decide.
Epson V600
Nikon D70
Photo on Kodak Colorplus 200 film, Nikon F80 camera and 50mm 1.8D lens
I have an Epson V600 scanner. It gets the job done but I regularly get weird lines, rings and other problems. I do remove dust if it's on a face or something important. Overall thou, tend to leave these flaws because it gives character.  It's not perfect. 

 I scan using SliverFast 8. SilverFast’s interface is interesting and quirky. It looks to be from the Apple Aqua UI era. I think it was written by a guy in Germany (He flew a Piper airplane around the world). It has every feature you would ever need and should probably never change. 

Unfortunately, scanners are slow. Que the DSLR...
I also own a DSLR from 2004, the Nikon D70. It's 6 megapixels but was, in many ways still is a great camera. I used my iPhone 13 Pro as a light source with the Nikon ES-2 setup. I inverted the colors in Affinity Photo. Cmd-I to invert then used the levels tool to adjusted the RGB channels.

Miami downtown

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Downtown Miami

Black Plymouth Fury

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Plymouth Fury
I saw this car at a car show in Immokalee. What a classic!
I wonder if in 60 years the same will be said of cars built today.
 Photographed on Kodak Portra 160 film on my Nikon F6.

Bird chopper

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Bird chopper.

Cinestill 800t Fireworks Halation

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Fireworks on Cinestill 800t
I don't own a tripod so all these were hand held. shot on the Nikon f6
4th of July 2022 - Biltmore Hotel, Coral Gables Florida
Oh the halation on my fireworks!

Why is a nation blessed?

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Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD; and the people whom he hath chosen for his own inheritance.
-Psalms 33:12
What makes a nation blessed? 
Belief in the LORD.

The best Kodak film

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Kodak Ektar 100 doing it's thing, capturing a beautiful sunny day. With soft white clouds and the moon taking a peak.

Winter Garden on Ultramax 400

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Winter Garden
This place is a unique community, it’s a nice mix of new and old. It has the cookie cutter developments that fill up Florida but its done in the best way possible. I guess it was an older small town that the cookie cutter community adapted to. 

It has the staples of an old town like a water tower, old train station, friendly people and a classic main street USA. On Main street, the West orange bike trail runs along it. A lot of families on bikes. A lot of trees, bushes and flowers.

On the modern side is has a parking garage next to main street. A lot of ‘community’ style new homes, condos and restaurants that hopefully won’t overrun this place. Overall it’s nice.
Winter Garden City Hall built in 2008!
Shot on Kodak Ultramax 400 - Nikon FM2 - 50mm f/1.2
Winter Garden water tower by the railroad museum and parking garage.