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Halloween Party! (Old School Edition)

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Paul Ryan as Jay Leno

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Barack Obama Weave

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I'm Barack Obama 

and I approve this weave. 

Lil Wayne-ism.

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I don't always pursue a career in rapping and skating...

but when I do, I make sure to suck at both. 

Maxim Model Killed by Female Hitman

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The 21-year-old was strangled in 2008, but just-released court documents claim the attack was driven by a failed business deal between her father and an ex-boyfriend.


The ex is believed to be Lebanese physician and businessman Munir Uwaydah.


After her father pulled out of a pharmaceutical deal on doubts of Uwaydah’s legitimacy, the latter allegedly "dispatched" Kelly Soo Park to "confront" Julianna Redding.


Prosecutors allege that Park, officially his real estate broker and financial assistant, was nicknamed “James Bond,” and served as Uwaydah’s “debt collector.”


Reading between the lines, she often intimidated business partners of Uwaydah’s in at least two previous incidents involving her then-boyfriend, racecar driver Ronnie Case.

  Juliana Redding, an aspiring model and actress who died years ago, may have been killed by a female debt collector nicknamed “James Bond" and hired as “muscle."


One incident involved intimidating a bank manager over an investment scheme, another a horse breeding business and $350,000 collection, CBS News reports.


Uwaydah has since fled the country and is believed to be living in Lebanon.


Another source says he allegedly only hired Park to “intimidate and threaten” Redding, not to murder her, while Park has been tied to the murder scene via “forensic evidence."








FL Couple Sex in Restaurant, Won't pay Bill

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Orlando police said Tom Murphy, the manager at Paddy Murphy's restaurant in Orlando, called police after Jeremie Calo, 32, and his date were seen having sex on their table out on the patio while other patrons, including children, were eating in the same area, WKMG-TV, Orlando, reported Wednesday.


Murphy said the couple stopped when he called police, but officers arrested Calo for fighting with the manager and refusing to pay his $101 bill.

The couple were not charged for the alleged public sex because none of the other restaurant patrons wanted to write statements for police.

Restaurant Sex? Really?

Police in Florida say they arrested a man accused of fighting with a restaurant manager after having sex with his date on a table in front of other patrons.

Via: UPI

Let Terror be a Treat.

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Halloween wraps fear in innocence,
As though it were a slightly sour sweet.

Let terror, then, be turned into a treat...

- Nicholas Gordon

Katy Deen

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Wannabe Batman from Michigan Arrested

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Super Asshole? 



"He wouldn't clear the scene, and we had a canine out there and he kept screwing up the scent," State Police Sgt. Jeff Gorno told the Petoskey News-Review (http://bit.ly/QFv0yh ). "He said he wanted to help us look for the driver."


"We didn't want the dog to track Batman instead of the accident scene, and he was getting in the way of officers who had a job to do," the sergeant said.

Williams wasn't carrying any dangerous weapons, but his costume and gear were confiscated, Gorno said. He was charged with resisting and obstructing police in an investigation, and he posted bond and was released from the county jail. He is due back in court Oct. 18.


A call to a number listed as Williams' Petoskey home rang unanswered Wednesday.


It's not Williams' first brush with the law as the caped crusader.


He was arrested last year after police received a report of a man dressed as Batman on the roof of a Petoskey business. When officers arrived, they found Williams, dressed as Batman and carrying a baton-type striking weapon, a can of chemical irritant spray and a pair of sand-filled gloves.

'Batman' charged with obstructing Michigan police

PETOSKEY, Mich. (AP) — The search for a driver who fled an accident scene in northern Michigan over the weekend was apparently a job for a dog, not a bat.


State troopers arrested 33-year-old Mark Wayne Williams because they say he refused to leave them alone after he showed up Saturday night wearing a Batman outfit.

Source: AP

Japanese Bunny

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Let's Move

to Japan