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In-N-Out for a third time

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My first In-N-Out visit was my third In-N-Out visit
My visit to the Grapevine Texas In-N-Out was my 3rd time inside In-N-Out. First time was in Los Angles, in 2007. Second time was in Phoenix Arizona, in 2014. But unlike the other times this was the first time I actually ate.

I ordered a plain double double with cheese. Fries and a Coke (obviously). I loved it! I was also somewhat star stuck thinking Wow I'm in an In-N-Out and I ordered a burger. Sounds odd but its true, I was excited to finally eat their burger.
I really enjoyed the burger. It was simple and simple is hard to do because it usually means quality. Wish they had them in Florida!

The fries flavor reminded me of those potato sticks in a can. They were fresh but I prefer the fries from BurgerFi.
I wish they had a location in Florida!
Got a couple more for the hotel room.
Grapevine, TX 
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