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Double exposure on FIlm Slow Exposure

Moon over Coral Gables on film

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Moon Over
Coral Gables
it Looked like Augmented
reality but without looking at a screen.
let me take a Selfie!
My brother told me of something he saw on social media. Though I wanted to check it out, I forgot about itFortunately, I managed to see it on the last day when my brother drove by and reminded me. It was already 9:30 pm and the event was scheduled to end at 10 pm, so we hurried to get there. 

I took some film photos of it, and it was amazing. The sight was like augmented reality, but it was there in from of me, not on a screen. A self-suspended sphere, suspended by cables, with a light inside projecting outward, and the surface of the moon printed on the outside. Although I could discern the lines that made it up, it was still impressive to see.

My brain was confused in a way. I knew it wasn't the actual moon, but my senses suggested otherwise. The illusion was cool, and my brain struggled to make sense of it. 

Also walking around it made it even more intriguing.
This was in a park across the street from the new Lowes Hotel develoment.  Which has a story attached it it.