"FUTURESPECTIVE" Opening: Thursday, Feb. 14th 2013 Works by: George Sanchez-Calderon Christopher Carter Nicola Costantino Johnny Robles Kiki Valdes Jel Martinez Constanza Piaggio David Marsh JeanPaul Mallozzi Ruben Ubiera Florencia Rodríguez Giles
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"FUTURESPECTIVE" - Opening: Thursday, Feb.  14th 2013
Works by: George Sanchez-Calderon, Christopher Carter, Nicola Costantino, Johnny Robles, Kiki Valdes, Jel Martinez, Constanza Piaggio, David Marsh, JeanPaul Mallozzi, Ruben Ubiera, Florencia Rodríguez Giles

You make your work by buffing and removing the surface texture of graffiti. What first interested you in graffiti removal?

I was really introduced to the removal in 1994 when the Summit Of The Americas was held in Miami, Florida. The streets of Miami were completely cleaned up and the buff [the mark left behind when graffiti is scraped and 'buffed' off walls] was everywhere. That was a drastic moment for me! I then continued to piece and continued to get buffed until 1998. The buff has always been a part of my world but in 2008 I decided to recreate a part of history, a part of my life, which is recreating the removals that surround us and go unnoticed.

Could you tell us more?

My work first starts from documenting the removals through photographs I capture in the streets. I then become 3 different characters, the construction worker who creates the wall, the vandal who defaces the property and the city employee who removes the graffiti. My work consists of multiple layers which are a reenactment of what is happening in our surroundings and all have a story and memory behind it. I try to give the viewer the opportunity to visualize and understand a movement that previously went untold and unnoticed by the general public.

There is an increase in street art presence in the fine arts and more shows about graffiti and urban art. What has changed?

I feel that the whole graffiti world has changed. It was an underground movement then but now it is accepted not only in galleries but also in the streets. It was very different in the 80's and 1990's.

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Interview by: Heiki Dempster for Wonderland Magazine 

Presented by:
The Rozenblum Foundation
The Michael Margulies Artist Agency

Curator: Kiki Valdes

Thursday, Feb 14th
8:00pm - 11:00pm

2155 Washington Court
Miami Beach, FL 33139
(Across from Bass Museum)

More Info: MarguliesAgency.com
[email protected]
Christopher Carter - "Texas Two Star (Neon"
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