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The Lovely Soo Joo

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Name: Soo Joo

Occupation: Model

Hometown: Seoul, Korea

Current Location: LAX en route to JFK

Astrological Sign: Sun in Aries and Moon in Taurus

What’s the best thing about summer? In the summer I eat ice cream on a cone everyday!

Where is your favorite holiday destination? Big Sur, California.

What are the best and worst things about your job? BEST: variance from quotidian day job


WORST: daily undergoing of judgments and rejections based on your physical attributes.

What will you do when you retire? Be a kooky lady that wears Comme des Garçons and Junya Watanabe.

What did you dream about last night?

I couldn’t sleep last night.

What rocks your world? Love.

What makes you laugh? Kittens.