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Black Cat Bad Luck Events

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Curious events and folklore tales are plentiful in history, which propagated myths about bad luck and black cats. King Charles I of England owned a black cat. The day the cat died, the story goes that he proclaimed, "Alas, my luck has run out." He was arrested for high treason.


Part of Babylonian folklore includes a cat curled up in front of a fireplace to be symbolic of an evil serpent. Since cats have exceptional night vision, some folks believe the myth that cats can see ghosts.


Ages ago, if a farmer suspected that his land had been cursed, the only method to remove the spell was to shoot a black cat with a silver bullet. It was also believed that if an unexpected misfortune fell upon a village where an old woman owning a black cat resided, she would be accused of witchcraft, and she and her feline companion would be burned at the stake. The black cat certainly has had its share of vicious folklore.