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Jose Parla, The Walls on Canvas

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jose parla: walls, diaries and paintings

Jose Parla had a huge opening this past week in New York City during Armory week and the show was sold out. Parla's work appear like old rundown walls you would find in an abandoned building or down an street in the inner city.

His tag name was Ease growing up and now his work is in respected galleries all over the US and Europe. His work is now made into products and assessories

 His paintings incorporate calligraphy into pictures that resemble distressed city walls. Art historian Michael Betancourt divided his paintings into three categories: walls, diaries, and pictures. Walls are mural sized, diaries are smaller than walls, heavily filled with writing, and resemble a palimpsest. Pictures are the size of traditional paintings, but their visual contents resembles the walls but without the scale. “What Parlá’s work provides to its viewers is a way to re-see the city and re-engage the value of urban life.”