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Fairy Tale Cottage

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Fairy Tale Cottage

I have no idea where this is, but would anyone really want to live here?

Now, don't get me wrong this place is amazing...for pictures. But, reallly...could you imagine actually living here with someone you care about? It's like one 200 square foot room in the middle of nowhere with a small bed as the upstairs.

Most importantly, where's the fucking bathroom?

I can take a wild guess where you go to the john. Not only that, I do like to eat. I don't see a kitchen and I don't wanna knit pick but that front door looks weak as hell, I don't want a visit from a skunk or a racoon. Call me a city slicker but can you really sleep like sleeping beauty in the middle of the forest with no AC and no security system? Maybe Gacy or Bundy's clones hang out at that forest, fuck that!