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Valissa Yoe: New York Stylist

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Valissa Yoe

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Valissa Yoe prides herself in being a true renaissance woman. Raised in Westchester, the Big Apple was only a train ride away. Valissa moved to the city to attend FIT for Fashion Design. Right out of school she began working as a designer for KAI MILLA (Stevie Wonder’s wife).


Valissa Yoe became a New York personality in great demand as an innovative powerhouse in the creative image market as a fashion stylist and makeup artist for clients such as MTV, Comedy Central, Vera Wang, Google, Sony Music, Donald Trump, Miss USA, Ethan Hawke, Tyson Beckford, and Oprah to name a few. Her work has her traveling from New York to London, Paris and Rome. Valissa Yoe is known for her stunning red coif with the appeal of Jessica Rabbit and the expression of Patricia Field. Valissa takes inspiration from the late and great McQueen, Chanel, Leigh Bowery and Warhol.

New York Stylist and more.