I'm just a young entrepreneur with an artistic vision. We all have a unique story to tell, I can see us all working towards the same goals through my perspective. I do design websites besides this one for artists, entrepreneurs, and personal endeavors.

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tony green

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Tony Green



    • 1. People would say that i'm...

      Laid Back
      2. When I wake up in the morning I...

      Stretch and then check email, text, facebook, twitter, etc
      3. I wish...

      The world was based on Equality not money
      4. If I had a million dollars...

       I'd cop a new ride, clothes/sneakers, new apt, put the rest into music and promotion
      5.My biggest fear...

       Being unheard and being misunderstood
      6. What makes you happy...

      Accomplishing goals I set for myself
      7. What super power would you have...

      Telekenesis, ability to move objects with my mind
      8. 1st thing you notice about the opposite sex...

      Depends on if she's walking towards me or away from me
      9. Describe your life in one word...


What do you believe in?

 I believe in opening minds up to different ideas
When did you know you wanted this as a career?

1995 Listening to the album 'Only Built 4 cuban Linx' by Chef Raekwon

How did you 1st competition feel?

I felt confident that I shined, but there's always room for improvement

Who's your ideal celebrity woman?
 I respect a lot of females in the game, they have a lot to move past to get where they want to be. I like Tyra a lot .

What do you look for in a mate?
Someone into music

Where do you expect your passion to take you?

I'm trying to go so far it'd be like I was space traveling. Hip Hop has always guided me, so I'll go whereever it takes me.

Never let the negative outweigh the positive

Favorite Foods:
 Rib Eye Steak , beer if that counts as a food and strawberry nesquik