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Cheetos on your Pumas ... if sinners entice ...
Is this good, do I like it?
I first heard of Cali Coffee when they opened in Hollywood. As stupid as this may be I didn’t like the name. This is Florida, I want nothing to do with California, yuck!

Fast forward to a month ago I was in Clermont and I saw them up there. Hmm, Clermont is an awesome place so maybe I should give it a try I thought. 

And finally I saw them next to Culver's in Cooper City. I love Culvers, I love Clermont so maybe I'm being stupid. 

I walked over and ordered an iced coffee with caramel. I took my first sip and hmm, I took a second sip... not bad. I took a third sip and yeah it's good.

I’m gonna keep having it but I still do not like the name haha!