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New Colour film
HARMAN Phoenix 200 Film Review
MVP - from zero to colour
Harman Technologies, known for their production of black and white films under brands like Ilford and Kentmere, has made a color film! How Awesome is that! What’s also exciting is it they went from only having black and white to color film in less than a year, if I understand the story right. 

They got together a small team & decided to make a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Much like the startup accelerator  Y combinator's software strategy. Create a product quickly, with the least amount of resources, with what you already have. See if early adopters are interested, get feedback and iterate.
The colors are not perfect but they remind me of the high-contrast aesthetics of 1990s music videos. The visual style of bands like Rancid, Greenday and even Smash Mouth. The film's is punchy and contrast-heavy. Nowadays people are obsessed with dynamic range but back in the 90's dark shadows, heavy grain and bold contrast was what we wanted. This film has that.
Obsessed with dynamic range? - not the cool kids
I ordered a couple rolls and shot a bunch of random stuff. I develop all my film at home using Cinestill's C-41 kit and DSLR scan with my D850 and a film holder. No clue how they would come out developed and scanned at a lab. But scanning does give alot of leeway on color and contrast so try that if you can.
From my YouTube research, I noticed that alot of review photos looked underexposed. I used my Nikon F6 for my first roll so I set the ISO to 125. I might try 50 ISO on my next go. The film has alot of halation when over exposed but I like that look. 
Fisheye, Double exposure and a little pink.
This film base is not like the others
Yellowish straight 
out of the can
Congrats to the people at Harman. They're bringing
the heat & that’s a good thing for us film lovers!

200 iso is so so 
I’m curious to see how Kodak will react to this limited edition film being released. Will they follow suit and release their own special edition film... Maybe Vision3 as native C-41, that would be cool!
Competition is good!
HP - Harman Phoenix Light trails