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Chicago Rooftops

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Chicago Rooftops
The best perspective to enjoy the cityscape is from the road.
These pictures were taken from the roof, and when I look around, it just feels kind of weird. I mean, I like buildings, and I've even worked in them before. I get that they're important for bringing people together and all that. But, honestly, I'm more into cars. I love checking them out, driving them around, and if I can't get to my car in, like, 30 seconds, I start feeling a bit off. Buildings are cool and all, but there's something about cars that just clicks with me. 
It's not just about how they look; it's also about the fun of driving and the feeling of freedom they give. And, yeah, practicality matters too. If I can't easily get to my car, it kinda takes away the whole point for me. So, even though rooftops might offer a cool view, my heart is really on the ground.