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This Kaws power trips

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be  Kaws it's the Plaza?
I went at night (8PM) to check out a new sculpture from the artist Kaws at the Plaza in Coral Gables. Unfortunately it was sectioned off with those VIP rope things. I couldn't get close and could only photograph the back of it. I then went to the second floor and a security guard told me I could not photograph it with my camera only my phone...

I pointed at my camera and said its an old school film camera. He waved his hand at my camera, mumbled something and walked away.

I found his rules funny and stupid and remembered where I was. I had already taken my photos so I left.
The plaza at Coral Gables was built on a residential street, around a man's house. Nice guys these people are.
Backside view from above.
VIP only, Baby!