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When South Koreans outdo the French
Freshly baked at Paris Baguette.
Once upon a time in New Jersey's Palisades Park, I had an adventure to a place called Paris Baguette. 

NJ's Palisades Park is a Korean neighborhood, so entering this French inspired bakery was a surreal cultural crossover. Picture this: Korean's, sporting beret hats and French striped shirts that made them look like French mimes. It was hilarious!

As I walked in a magical world of trays and tongs awaited me. You're the master of your own pastry destiny. You simply grab whatever tickles your fancy. It's like a treasure hunt for your taste buds, It's a great concept because  you don't feel rushed picking out from the amazing food they have. 

Fast forward to the present, and I had another adventure, this time in Winter Park, Florida. They are expanding! These Paris Baguette's (NJ, NYC & FL) are the best French bakeries I've ever been to. 
These photos are all from the Winter Park Florida location.