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White Winged Dove

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White winged dove.
I always thought these birds looked like  pigeons. But they actually done.  I've shot photos of these Doves the in the back yard for years. They looked nice enough. 

I never really looked at them thou. I never got very close or cared much. 
I had some Kodak Vision3 250D loaded up on my Nikon and slapped on my Nikkor 70-300mm for fun. I finally got a good look. Wow, look at them eyes, I thought. Look and the orange paired with the blue/teal eye ring.
Now that I realize the beauty of the White Winged Dove, that what they are called, I started studying them.  I noticed them interacting with other birds and noticed how much smarter they are and their heads is huge in comparison to most other birds in my back yard.