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On Kodak Tri-X 400 film
 On Kodak Tri-X 400 film
I was developing my favorite black and white film, Kodak Tri-X, and I noticed the grain looked weird. I must have screwed up somehow. Oh well that’s part of the fun of film. Then it happen again and again. Tri-X has such amazing grain and I was seeing these weird squiggles! WTH? 

I started getting frustrated and started doing some research online. Turns out what was happening is called film reticulation. This reticulation can happen by one of two reasons.
 1) Drastic temperature changes while developing. Or 2) Monobath developer.
I was using the Cinestill Monobath.
The solution I found was simple. I filled a bucket with water. Then put the monobath developer bottle floating inside the water. I’ll leave it in there til the temperature equalizes to room temperature. About 15 mins later the developer in the bottle and the water in the bucket are the same.

I develop using the monobath like normal but then use the water from inside the bucket to rinse. Since the water is at the same temp as the developer the film reticulation problem doesn’t happen!
Film Reticulation with B&W Monobath film developers