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Reflection or double exposure or both? Look at that

Always carry two film cameras

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In my backyard, an orange flower popped up. I went out back and took a color film photo (Lomo Color Negative 100) with my F80s. I remembered that I had  black and white Kentmere 100 film loaded on my other camera, the Nikon F6 (lucky me). 

I photographed the flower in black & white:
Two film cameras
one for color & one for black / white
After I took the photo I kept remembering  other stuff too . I’ve been wanting to use color filters on B/W film.

Black and white film gives a different look depending on the color filter on the lens. I own an orange filter and a blue filter.

I photographed one of each:
Orange filter
The filter is enhancing the color orange and making the flower brighter.
Blue Filter
Blue made the flower darker. It's blocking the orange light! Neat!
I've read a red color filter make the sky look dark and amazing. I'll try and get a red one and give it a go maybe.