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Kodak film favorites

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Kodak film Favorites
Portra 800
The versatility of this film stock is my favorite part. I love shooting in low light and really appreciate the 800 film speed. I also love the colors. Portra 400 is popular and I shoot that as well but I prefer the colors of 800 alot more. It's perfect in almost all situations. It's pricy so watch out $$$$
Tri-X 400
I'm a stickler for timeless things and the look of Tri-X is timeless x 100. The grain texture is very attractive and real looking. Photographing family events on this is a must. It captures the emotion of my family at their best.
Ektar 100
Wow is the best word I can use for Ektar. The colors are bright and wonderful. It almost looks digital but still has the film look. If it's sunny outside this is the film I use. Also does well in lowlight with my VR lens. It's pricy but worth it!
Price, availability and need aside these are my go to film stocks. 
( fyi this photo was shot with Kodak Vision 3 )