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What It Takes to Open a Brewery

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With more than 2,700 breweries currently operating in the U.S. and the craft beer industry enjoying a steady growth rate, there's no doubt why the business of producing beer is gaining unprecedented momentum -- expanding faster than any other time since prohibition ended. 

There was a 15% increase in new breweries from 2012 to 2013 alone and 2014 looks like it will top those numbers! Great news for all the beer drinkers - as availability and selection border on gluttonous. But planning and starting a brewery is far from quick and easy and definitely not for the casual businessperson, faint of heart, impatient or corner-cutter. The industrial brewery environment requires skills and procedures that come from safe brewing experience and is an unforgiving place for the inexperienced. 

Process of opening a brewery, some of what it takes to go from brooding to brewing...
That said, love of beer alone will not take a brewer or brewery very far - because going from grain to glass is a multi-dimensional undertaking requiring passion, experience, and sweat. Beyond the initial investment expenses and acquisition of equipment brewhouse, fermenters, kegs, barrels, space - there is the lengthy, tedious and careful process of state and federal permitting. Then readying the facility is where the focus moves to drains, flooring, and coolers.
Picking and getting the right location, equipment, and recipes can have lasting repercussions making or breaking the brewery when it comes time to expand. Recipe research and formulation selecting beers for our portfolio ñ is also an area where we dedicate a huge amount of time and energy. Opening a brewery is as exciting as it is scary. Combining different malts, hops and yeast to create unique beers is what gets us going, and the pint at the end of the tunnel we're working toward is bringing our creations to the masses.