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Art Wynwood 2014

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Art Wynwood 2014 turned out to be an interesting mix of works displayed by international galleries, special projects and street art showcase.

Nearly 70 international galleries like Pan American Projects and Robert Fontaine Gallery from Miami, Aureus Contemporary from Rhode Island, Dillon Gallery and Emmanuel Fremin Gallery from New York, Byard Art from Cambridge, UK and Witzenhausen Gallery from Amsterdam in The Netherlands, showcased a diverse range of works by established,

mid-career and emerging urban street artists. Noteworthy was definitely also the special project by Spinello Projects featuring neons by Typoe, a 24ft drawing by Santiago Rubino and a video installation by Antonia Wright.

Street art received a lot of attention at the third edition of the fair. In collaboration with Cash, Cans & Candy, an international festival of street art from Vienna, Austria, curator Katrin-Sophie Dworczak lined up a global who’s who of street artists like Miami locals Douglas Hoekzema and Brandon Opalka, Stinkfish of Colombia / Mexico, The Stencil Network and Alexis Diaz of Puerto Rico and Stephen Tompkins of Cleveland to create original works onsite. Additionally, Jessica Goldman of Goldman Properties commissioned the murals for the VIP Lounge, including works by top street artists like Miss Van and Fafi.

Typoe "Untitled"
Spinello Project
Miss Van
Malcolm T. Liepke "Streetwise"
Cyril Le Van "Ghetto Blaster Radio"
Cyril Le Van "Polaroid Camera"
Johnny Robles
Raphael Mazzucco "The Beginning"
Brandon Opalka "Cape of Good Hope" and "Age of Discovery"
Hoxxoh "Untitled"
Carol Young "Archive Series"
Peter Demetz
Simon Procter "Chanel, High Line"
Phillip Munoz "Walking in the Shadow of the Blues"
Victoria F. Gaitan "Cake Face"
Michael Carson "Before the Show"
Leah Yerpe
Stephen Mackey "An Unspeakable Fortune"
Pedro Ruiz "Bijao"
Joseph Simeone "Midas Washing"
Stephen Mackey "Immortelles"
Claire Shegog
Drew Tal "Daydream"
Fernandon Mastrangelo "Medallion"
Kiseok Kim
Damien Hirst
Erro "Popmelon"
Mari Kim "Farewell my Concubine"
Mari Kim
Drew Tal
Augusto Esquivel
Luciano Ventrone "Nuovo Roccolta"
Andy Burgess
Federico Uribe
Jorge Perianes "Untitled"
Antonio Segui
Carmelo Nino "Grupo Familiar"
Dulce Pinzon "Superheroe Series"