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Johnny Laderer - When the Ripe Fruit Demands Attention, 2013
Johnny Laderer
Evan Robarts - Stuck, 2013
Evan Robarts - Student Body, 2013
Dean Levin - Untitled 2013
Carol Jazzar and Natalie Merola
Molly Cecile Surazhsky and Daniel Tavarez
Luis Pinto - To Send Someone Off, 2013
Gustavo Oviedo - Coladas, 2011
Gustavo Oviedo
Gustavo Oviedo - Periodic Table, 2011
Natalie Merola at the Opening Reception
Dean Levin - Untitled, 2013
Luis Pinto - The Lack of Audible Sound, 2013
Tyler Healy -  Red 1-5, 2013
Luis Pinto - Everything that Exists, 2013