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What's Wrong with Men Today?

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"You know...ah...you know whats wrong with men today? They shave their damn balls and act more female then a cat in heat down the alleyway. You have to mix up modern with traditional dirty socks. Men shaving their backs...and not making their wives change their last names...you should be ashamed of yourselves."

Old Man Crowely's Scoop 
Back in my day...we would hold babies like this...and we wouldn't be reported to the damn boys in blue. 




Have you seen Chuck Norris lately? He shaved his damn face and looks like a wet turkey ready for the oven. 
"Uncle Crowely's right. I am a disgrace ever since I shaved my face. I was getting pressured by my wife and her friends. It was the hardest battle I ever had to deal with. "
- Norris 
Let's take a look at the real Chuck Norris
This picture was stolen from 
if you watch it, read it or whatever I don't want to think you do to this TMZ thing...something tells me you are missing a right nut or had a sex change. Whatever the case... your just a worthless human being. Don't lie...I know  you have a tongue ring too. 
This is little Chucky, he killed 5 Nazi's single handedly at this fine young age. 
No explanation here folks. Balls of steel. 

1, 2, 3...goooo!!!
Damn...this guy has a point. 
All these years...I tried to be clean around women...have manners and I realize I was really just slowly losing my man juice. Let me call my girlfriend Britney and ask her if she thinks I been losing my "man" edge. 
Ring, Ring
...dial again...
Dude, seriously...stop calling my girls phone. She left you a year ago. Move on...I'm serious this time dog. Don't call my girlfriend again. Delete this number. 
Meanwhile somewhere in the Suburbs of PA .....
This post was brought to you by dirty socks. Don't ever clean em' just buy new ones