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More Than Just A Pretty Face

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Fabienne Kerneis -

MSJ: Okay so Fabienne when did you decide you wanted to become a model? 

FK:!And then almost 3 years ago I met a photographer who was interested on taking pics of me, first I laughed and then decided to give it a try.  And I loved it, it was heaven! A dream comes true! Was so ecstatic , finally I was doing it. I did 4 shoots with that photog and just decided after that to pursue it, I might be old for the industry, I am not there to make money, I am not blind but I am having the best time of my life.

MsJ: What is your Motivation?

FK: When I was 14, i wanted to be a model ( see album sweet 14 on Facebook) but my parents were against it so to please them I stayed in school, but I always dreamed of it, runway was my favorite thing!!And then almost 3 years ago I met a photographer who was interested on taking pics of me, first I laughed and then decided to give it a try.Always recorded any fashion show, tire up pages from magazine with my favorites models etc...

MSJ: Has modeling been beneficial to you in anyway?

FK:Modeling helps me being me, doing things for me that I love, it gave me confidence it gave me strength, a goal. I learned to pursue a dream and to not given up.

MSJ:  If you had a young model standing in front of you brand new what advice would you give?

FK:It is a hard world, shallow, hypocrite, fake etc.... But if you are dedicated, committed you can do it, never gave up on your dreams!!! Never

MSJ: Do you have any upcoming projects?
FK: Yes I do, a runway in may, I am helping also beyond being one of the model. A shoot with Yusuf for his clothe line catalogue.

Since I am doing modeling during my spare time I am a little bit limited. My first job is being a mom.

MSJ: Great. So what mark do you want to leave, in other words when people say your name what do you want them to remember about Fabienne Kernis.. In other words what makes you..... More Than Just A Pretty Face? 

FK: After my abusive marriage, I found myself back and stronger in modeling, I am finally living.

MSJ: Fabienne your are remarkable and I can and I know our reader can truly see that you are truly MORE THAN JUST A PRETTY FACE.

WE want to thank Fabienne Kerneis for  allowing us to sitdown and talk to her. She is phenomenal in her own right and a great person and mentor to many young models. 

MSJ: Fabienne hello and how is your day?
FK: Hello Michael . My Day is well  and yours?

MSJ: will i am doing well also. i am honored to be able to interview such a fantastic and strong woman. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to really get to know you, and why you are MORE THAN JUST A PRETTY FACE

So Fabienne Lets cover the basics..... where were you born? 

FK: I was born in France, Brittany coast. 

MSJ:  Did you attend college? 

FK: I graduated from medical school with a bachelor in immunology in Nancy France. 

MSJ: Are you married and do you have kids?
And What do you do for a living?

FK:I am divorced with 2 boys. I came 12 years ago for my job. I worked in Baylor institute for immunology research as a research associate, was supposed to stay 3 years, was on a J1 visa. After one year I met my exhusband, fell in love and got married.