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Painter, filmmaker, architect, and proto-James Franco polymath Julian Schnabel recently received a group of young artists from the YoungArts program at his West Village studio, a meeting of young and old minds that was recorded in the latest episode of HBO’s Masterclass. The segment (embedded below) ends with the venerable artist taking the teens out for pizza and bluntly telling them: “If you’re scared, you’re fucked.”


Schnabel’s closing scare-’em-straight speech is impressively brutal. “Your parents have probably done most of the work already,” he tells the group of young aspiring artists. “If your parents loved you and were supportive and made you think that you could do something that nobody else does, that’s a lie.”


Happily, the students land some punches too. “Schnabel came up in my art history class as being an anti-modernist, neo-conservative postmodernist,” says young sculptor Elizabeth Eicher. “He was actually one of the ‘bad guys.’

Julian Schnabel to Young Artists: 

Entire Julian Schnabel clip below: 

"If you're scared, you're fucked."