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Batman Costumes Banned at Screenings?

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Batman fans are diehards who love to dress up. Spiderman, Captain America and Iron Man fans love dressing up too. Wearing costumes is rare treat that movie goers love to do before seeing the film. A costume is a chance to incorporate an audience member’s unique style while still showing respect to the movie. Yet, after the Colorado shooting on Friday during the opening night of The Dark Knight Riseshas people reassessing the idea of coming to movies in other than street clothes.


At the Century 16 theaters, a man dressed as a character from the Batman series came in and began shooting into a crowded theater in Aurora, Colorado in the early hours of Friday morning. Leaving dozens hurt, the gunman was mistaken at first as part of the performance. Looking like the character, the fans couldn’t tell if the gunman was with the film or there to cause harm. The lack of response could have been initially because the shooter didn’t look like he was anything more than a fan.


New questions are now being raised if fans should be allowed to dress up as their favorite characters after the incident in Colorado. Creating a larger liability than ever before, the theaters are now considering a ban or limitation on costumes at the movie screenings.


AMC theaters on Friday has announced the immediate policy that no face masks, fake weapons or costumes that would make guests uncomfortable at the theaters. This policy will be enforced immediately to try to provide some comfort for those fans who already bought tickets for the movie.


Would a policy like this saved people in the Colorado movie theater shooting? Unfortunately nobody can answer that question so early in the investigation.