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Must-ard Contrasts

Creating contrasts in outfits makes overcast colours come to life. Referencing the Halton classic dresses of the 1970’s, Vanja layers with a comfortable jersey fabric t-shirt under a stylish dress. Thus she creates a monochrome effect with exciting textures while exuding a dressed down and comfortable style. However when adding purple cotton stockings, the mustard coloured dress take on a life of its own.

Tantalizing Textures

Textures can supply a garment with the excitement that so often seem lost come the last of winter. This coat, rich in both structure and texture, not only eludes dullness; it captures comfort and nostalgia – reminding us of long lost Hollywood darlings and snug fires in places not yet visited. Worn her, as an object of the gaze in its own right, new textures also brings back life to dark and dull winter outfits.


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Words by Kristina Ketola Bore

Models: Gabriella & Vanja Maria @ Heartbreak Oslo
Make-up: Hilde Rekve
Photo assistant: Therese Stigen

(T-shirt: Whyred, Dress: By Malene Birger)

(Coat: Veronica B. Vallenes)