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Whoa! Hattie Watson

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Was there a singular event or reason you decided to start a modeling career?

I needed a creative outlet in my life and it was something I had thought about and had photographers tell me about doing so I decided to try it out. I had tried so many things to express myself and get the creative attention I needed, and nothing ever seemed to work except this. Working on another creative outlet right now though.


 Do you have some favorite themes for photoshoots? If so, what are they?

I really like doing more natural and pretty. Very Urban Outfitters editorial-like. I also like doing more drama-type black and white fashion sometimes. Also, doing shoots that are a little on the more different side are really fun and interesting to do and let me connect with my inner weird-artist side.



Hattie Watson is one of my favorite ATL models out there. She's got the whole ginger thing going...and honestly it's very well for her. She's hot. Here is a little bit of her recent interview with the Pulp Girls blog. Check it out.