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Valerie De Leon Photo Shoot.

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Valerie De Leon is a young stylist and fashion go-to girl from Miami. She has a great blog that feature her flamboyant designs and expression. Here's some of her work, and in her own words.

(Left) Vintage Annie Reva for Bugatchi blazer (originally a solid orange color), vintage gold gloves, 50s cateyes

Vintage Gottex 50s style bikini, 60s checkered sunglasses from C. Madeleine's, antenna embedded into beehive from radioshack

vintage 80s top, vintage bangles, vintage striped hat, vintage stripe earrings

"Shot these back in February for little miss Tokoy Diiva. I had been meaning to shoot the first picture for over year. I dreamt this shoot concept up last March while staring out into space and wondering about how people derive their interests/personalities from what's shown in the media, especially the TV. I thought it was kind of pathetic how, obviously i'm generalizing here, masses of men and women have resorted to using logos and brand names to enhance their image and boost their status in society. " - V.D.L

Photography: Alfred J. Barerra

Styling/Creative Direction: Valerie De Leon

Makeup: Jet Hair: Sah 'fari