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Pizza Hut Sticker from the 1970's

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Pizza Hut Pete

I found this really cool sticker image on Flickr. I have no idea who that dude is, but it rocks. Below is what Jason Liebig said about the sticker. I found the image on his account. He seems to be big into the sticker collecting thing.


"From the same great Ebay lot as my other two Pizza Hut stickers. Another early 1970's Pizza Hut sticker. I call this one "The Dangler" since Pete is just dangling the logo there.


Again had to clean this one up a bit, but could only do so much. Up close the screen print becomes pretty rough... but I managed to remove the stains that were on it.

Another day-glo sticker, designed to catch your attention with it's unnaturally bright colors."

"dangler" sticker - early 1970's

       I  didn't even know Pizza Hut existed in the 1970's.