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Walk The Dog, Get the Pretty Chick?

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his is the first of the strategies to approach and pick up women during the day.The general and generic rules for success were posted on that old article. But just to remind you, remember that the most important things are for you to be natural and direct, as well as possitive and to inspire safety.As with everything, failure can and will happen. But you got to practice and develop these techniques until you get more and more successful.


As the title implies, this technique is all about dogs – and believe me, you got to love these guys. They are men’s best friend for one good reason! They are always happy to see you and are always full of energy and joy. If you have a dog as pet it would be impossible for you not to love them. But yet, even if you don’t appreciate them for all what they are already, there’s one more reason for you to start doing so. Dogs are one of the best help you’ll ever have when picking up girls during the day.

Dogs pose, for you and the girls, as a perfect excuse to open a conversation. If you were walking in the street and approached some girl, it may look a bit odd. But instead, if you approach her while she is walking out her dog, the approach becomes somehow more accepted. After all, phrases as “Oh, what a lovely dog. What’s his name?” look totally inoffensive. This applies not only for when you are the one approaching, but also when girls might want to approach you instead. It’s not so common for a girl to start talking to you randomly in the street – but if you are walking out your dog these things just happen.

Dogs are popular by themselves, but in many cases if a girl approaches you while you are walking out your dog is because she is interested in YOU and not only on him. If she finds you attractive and would like to speak with you, she might find your pet as a perfect excuse to do so. Of course, she’ll start speaking about him and not about you, but once the ice has broken, everything gets easier.


So dress up nicely, look your best and take your dog out for a walk. Or, instead, you can also go for a coffee in some nice bar with tables out, and while you are sitting down and doing something interesting girls might bite the hook. Of course, the dog will be the star of any chitchat conversation, and it’s your duty to make this become something more serious. The key, again, is to be direct. Pick up lines as “Hey, this is unbelievable. You know, this little guy never seems likes anyone… But he’s really into you” work for this goal. Keep reading this article...