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Charlotte Taylor 2012 Collection

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Its springtime and the Cherry Blossoms are in Flower. We stumble upon a Bonsai tree nursery, a cohabitation of all colours, shapes and sizes. Many a generation of Bonsai stands by admiring their blossoming saplings. Sakura, a tree surgeon by trade effortlessly glides through the tree families, pruning away their untimely growth spurts, quenching their thirst and warming their hearts, bellies, leaves and trunks with a calculated move to a sundrenched lounger for an afternoon of relaxation. As the sunlight dances through their leaves Sakura makes haste for the bee hives. 

The cultivation of Bees and tree nurseries has been a fascination of hers since childhood and the dusting of intricate artwork and tattoo craftsmanship that shrouds her skin is a testament to this. Her body is the essence of the garden, personified....every inch is considered and camouflaged, from the nape of her neck, to the tips of her finger nails. 

As the day draws to a close Sakura heads home, meandering along the winding river.
Fishermen are snoozing in the last of the days sun whilst the humming birds and crickets provide the delicate yet arbitrary soundtrack. She sits on the bank momentarily to model a miniature penguin from some paper in her pocket. She had heard of one losing its way and emerging in Australia....what a journey that must have been!

Sakura is thankful for her choices, her passion and her life. She can and always will dance to the rhythm of her own drum.


Glimpse of the S/S 2012 collection from Charlotte Taylor (the UK).