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Fashion, books, short stories, poems, comics, cartoons, culture and myself. In no specific order.
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Works of Tracy Thomason

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Extension/Ascension, 55 x 65 x 2", human hair, gold, terry cloth, clay, staples, and wood, 2010


I recently discovered Tracy Thomason’s work by the serendipitous nature of the Internet.


Her use of materials and juxtaposing them to make abstract yet familiar compositions is what I enjoyed most. She works from Brooklyn, NY  

Essentially Without Tomorrow, 72" x 106", oil, house paint, spray paint, earth, wind, gold leaf, fur, lambs wool, status, testosterone, and marble on canvas, 2008

Untitled (Medusa and Cassiopeia commune), 116" x 30" x 3", scrap wood, spray paint, kool aid, lambs wool, and rubber, 2008

Shriveled Glint in Cantor, 16" x 41", lame leggings, oil, and gold leaf on canvas, 2009